In Viveros Iris we work every day to take care of our products in order to meet the highest possible quality, expand our offer, as well as to offer the best service to our customers. Palm trees, Mediterranean plants, trees, shrubs and various plants are just some of the species that you can find in our nursery in Elche, apart from tropical species from other countries that are fully adapted to our Mediterranean climate.

More than 3 decades ago in Elche
Our experience of more than 30 years in the nursery, makes our team an expert in the sector, as well as in customer-oriented management.
Surface area in stock and in production
Thanks to our 160,000 m2 of plant in stock and 480,000 m2 of plant in production, we ensure stock continuity and product homogeneity.
Indigenous and tropical varieties
In addition to all the native varieties we offer, we have a wide assortment of tropical varieties from other countries.

Product highlights

Ficus Benjamina

Ficus Benjamina Origin: Malaysia and Thailand Trunk measurements: CONSULT Description: Its leaves are thick and shiny dark green with a very long apex. The whole plant after a cut causes latex (milky liquid) to come out, which can cause irritations. During the winter it keeps its development to a minimum, but when spring arrives, it […]

Grevillea Robusta

Grevillea Robusta Origin: Australia Trunk measurements: 20/25 16/18 18/20 Description: The crown is pyramidal and the branching erect. It may become rounded at the top with age. Leaves dark green on the upper side and silver-tomentose on the underside. Petiole tomentose. Flowers in clusters oriented upwards. They are golden and filamentous. It flowers from May […]

Morus Alba

Morus Alba Origin: Western Asia Trunk measurements: 30/40 14/16 10/12 12/14 Description: Unisexual flowers, petiolate, grouped in very dense spikes. It produces a large quantity of edible fruits (blackberries) that are very attractive to birds. The fruit stains on the ground. Small, white, pinkish or sometimes blackish fruit, formed by an infructescence composed of numerous […]